Resolving the challenges associated with drainage of synthetic turf 


A state-of-the-art technology in drainage and shock absorption pad, our ShockWave series has been designed to accomplish three main goals:

  1. Impact attenuation to protect the athlete and reduce recovery time

  2. Drainage to limit water damages and get back on the synthetic field in minutes instead of hours

  3. Fast installation, increase field performance, lower costs. 


Exceptional GMAX

With a uniform GMAX of 80-100 throughout the entire lifecycle of the field, ShockWave provides a reliable safety layer and impact attenuation pad for the athlete. We designed this product paying particular attention to its shock absorption and drainage capabilities because we wanted to provide protection for both the athlete and the turf.

By exceeding the industry standards in impact attenuation, this pad has been engineered to outperform the competition while offering the lowest cost per square foot. Our technology allows to extend the lifecycle of the synthetic turf by maintaining its characteristics during the entire lifecycle of the field. Unlike complicated infill based systems, ShockWave pads provide a uniform performance with minimal maintenance required. ( find out more about the advantages of using a pad by reading this article on the Athletic Business Website

We also believe that all synthetic turf fields should provide the same level of safety independently from their cross-section, and they should be affordable and durable. That is why we warrant our shock-pads for 25 years.

Shockwave not only lowers the risk of concussions, but also reduces recovery time for the athlete. Users of the turf will benefit from the reduced amount of micro-shocks on knees and ankles. 

Shock Absorbtion Technology

Shock Absorbtion Technology

Drain in minutes 

With a drainage capability of 145 gal/min/ft, Shockwave is capable of handling heavy and sudden rains. The "waves" on the top side of our product have been specifically engineered to allow water to flow freely horizontally, finding the least clogged way out. At the same time, the holes on the surface of the product allow the water to flow vertically towards the stone layer. This creates a multidirectional drainage system that significantly increases the playable time while protecting the long term performance of the turf. 

( Watch drainage video )

Lays flat, stays flat

Flexible, with minimal thermal coefficient of expansion and contraction (see technical data below), ShockWave pad will conform instantly to the sub-grade and can be placed immediately on prepared soils, asphalt, concrete, stone or existing e-layers. 

"Lock-in" Junction system

The patented locking system allows each panel to be locked together, creating a monolithic structure that keeps the underlay completely waterproof (if needed). The shock-pad comes with an already attached butyl seal tape that further facilitates the installation process. 

Lowest Price- Lowest costs

Our patented extrusion technology and the materials used allows us to offer a product that is the most economical solution on the market while providing the highest performance. One of the advantages of installing our shock-pads is the fact that you can reduce the height of the base layer while still obtaining a higher drainage rate. Moreover, this product extends the typical lifetime of a standard synthetic turf surface and can also be reused for another cycle, without losing its technical characteristics. 

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Other benefits of choosing ShockWave shockpad include:

·      Lowest cost per square foot

·      No Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) release

·      G-MAX 100-80 and uniform shock absorption during the lifecycle of the field

·      Moisture barrier

·      Linear capabilities

·      Fast installation

·      100% recyclable

·      Made in USA: Meets Buy-America requirement

·      Can ship standard football field on 2 trucks (80,000 sf)

Shockpad application

Technical Properties 

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